An unconference in trains to grow your professional nomadic practices.

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NomadConf (formerly NomadOpenEU)

An unconference to grow your professional nomadic practices… and to spend a good time between ephemeral coworking in trains and meeting local communities!

Paris - Barcelone near the Sainte-Lucie island

When, where, how much?

Barcelone - Nice way at Antibes station

You should come if…

  • You want to follow your two feet.
  • You want to work on a train.
  • You want to meet people.
  • You are welcoming.
  • You are curious.

You should not come if you want to receive training to become digital nomad. There will be no teachers, only attendees  :)


Want to get on the train? Want to welcome the group during a stop (to discover a city, a local community…)? A question? Write an email to contact{AT}

The Milan - Paris way